6 Stylish TV Unit Design Ideas for the Living Room

TV sets have transformed from bulky sets to sleek ones. And so has the tv units. TV units are the pillars of holding the entertainment system at home. They are now not only functional and versatile but also match the aesthetics of the living space. From TV wall units to standing ones, homeowners have a myriad of choices now with customisation options.

Here are 6 major TV unit designs to give you an idea of the latest trends.

Wooden TV Unit Designs

A wooden TV unit in your living room, without any doubt, enhances the look of the space. It can single-handedly augment the appearance and ambience. These TV units are a very popular choice among homeowners as they add colour and visual distinction to your living space without detracting from the overall design. Wood evokes feelings of cosiness and attraction. The units are available in many shapes and sizes today. Check out the minimalist wooden TV wall units for a sleek look.

Glass TV Unit Designs

Want a TV unit that looks simple with clean straight lines? Glass TV units come with minimalist designs and give the feel of spacious living spaces. They brighten and enliven up spaces. These TV units are durable and most of the units include metal supports for added stability. Glass units are best for low-traffic households. If there are kids in the home, glass units are not at all recommended. Easy to maintain and clean, for the best look, the units should be free of all junk.

Wall-mounted TV unit designs

Enjoy your favourite TV shows even when you are working in the kitchen or sitting in the dining space with TV wall units. If you also want to make use of the vertical space on the walls of your living room, these units are the best. They are self-supporting and you can make use of the space beneath them. The freestanding stands may also be utilised for storage and embellished with lighting strands. Wall-mounted units are available in a sleek look made from a variety of materials.

Partitioning TV Unit Designs

These units are used as an entertainment unit, and then as a room partition. Use these pieces to divide the living and dining areas instead of walls. They provide your living spaces with a sophisticated, sleek, and elegant appeal. These units add warmth and cosiness to the space. You can also transform your space into a formal and open style of contemporary design with the help of these units. Style these units as you like with storage cabinets or open, easy to access shelves.

Contemporary TV Unit Designs

Contemporary or what is called modern-day TV units are great for large spaces. Most homeowners today, have big TV sets. These units accommodate all electronic gadgets including speakers, gaming consoles and sound systems. They also help in creating a focal point in the living room.

Contemporary TV units are best if you have large wall spaces and want to cover them. Cabinets and open bookshelves can be added for a more sophisticated look combined with TV wall units.

Low shelf TV Unit Designs

An ideal TV unit base has an approximate height of 36 inches with a recommended TV height of about 42 inches. Low shelf TV units are less in height than the usual ones. They are good to be paired up with low sitting arrangements. These shelves are available as TV wall units and can be paired with cabinets or open shelves if you wish depending on the available space. Just make sure that the unit positions the TV screen at eye level else it may cause neck pain.

Takeaway Tips

· Choose monochrome colours for a fresh look

· Opt for wooden laminates for a cool look

· Neutral contemporary design is great

· Use TV units to partition big living space

· Brighten space with white TV units and cabinets

· Find compact and interesting designs for uniqueness

· Floating units are best for small spaces

· Black and white make a classic combo

· Minimal designs give an open and airy ambience

· Soft pastel colours bring an elegant look

· Choose high gloss for radiant looks

· TV units with hidden storage are great

· Add charm with warm chocolatey units

· Add shelves for multi-functional use

· Add textured backdrop with contrasting colour units


Which TV unit is for me?

Choose a TV unit that will meet all your requirements. Consider the current and future plans of the gadgets that you will be adding or removing from the unit. Consider if you need storage space or easy access to everything. Then consider your budget followed by choice of material, wall space in the living area. The best is to take expert opinions from design professionals that most furniture stores have.

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