1. Delivery and Pickups

1.1. You must book your goods for delivery or pickup within 14 days of us notifying you your goods are ready for pickup or delivery, or we may cancel your order.

1.2. Delivery times quoted by Quality Rugs and Furniture are approximate only and are subject to possible changes.

1.3. We agree to deliver goods to you on the understanding reasonable access is available, if proper access is not available or you are not home on the agreed delivery date, you will be charged for any subsequent delivery.

1.4. It is 100% your responsibility to take measurements to ensure your goods will fit in the intended areas. We are not responsible for goods that have not been measured and subsequently do not fit where intended.

1.5. On the delivery date, you must inspect your goods carefully before the delivery team leaves your house. Any damage detected should be immediately reported to the store while the delivery team are present. Once you have signed the delivery acceptance note that you have received your goods in perfect condition and with no damages, you agree that the delivery copy is then evidence of the condition of the goods as at the time of delivery.

1.6. Be advised – stairs or any additional handling may incur extra charges.

1.7. If you are buying any floor stock items from one of our stores, on pickup from our store or warehouse, inspect your goods carefully. Any damages detected should be immediately reported to us and noted on the pickup copy. Once you have signed the pickup note, you agree the copy of the pickup note is evidence of the goods' condition at the time of pickup. And We are not responsible for any damages that may subsequently occur during transportation.

1.8. Due to OH&S requirements, our store and warehouse staff cannot assist you in lifting your goods when you pick up. Please arrange for someone to come with you to assist you with loading and lifting your items to your transport.
1.9. Please organize adequate protection for your floors and internal surfaces prior to delivery, as we are not responsible for damage to your floors or internal surfaces caused in any way by the delivery of your goods. Due to OH&S requirements, delivery personnel must always wear appropriate footwear so take measures to ensure your floors and internal surfaces are protected.

2. Payments, Deposits & Debt Collection

2.1. In Store Transactions

2.1.1. For initial and final deposits/payments. We accept cash, credit card, eftpos, as well as bank/personal cheques.
2.1.2. For final payment/balance, we will also accept bank transfers. This transaction must be completed at least 3 Business days prior to your Delivery/Pickup date to ensure our Accounts Department has validated it; we will not release your goods until your transaction has been validated.
2.1.3. Personal cheques will not be accepted as your final/balance payment & Goods will not be delivered unless the invoice is paid in full.
2.1.4. In exceptional circumstances, if goods are delivered without full payment, and subsequently, debt collection services are required: The customer will be responsible for debt collection charges          amounting to 35% of the outstanding balance, plus any additional legal fees incurred.
2.2. Online Transactions: We accept Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Zippay, Afterpay, PayPal and online Bank transfers.

2.3. Instore and online standard orders require a 30% minimum deposit. To place a customized order, we require a 40% minimum deposit.

2.4. Online transaction requires full payment when placing the order.

3. Cancellation and Refund Policy

3.1. Cancellation on standard orders, in-store and online orders will incur a restocking fee of 20% of the value of the goods being cancelled. (This fee will be deducted from the refund of any money you have already paid; this fee reflects our reasonable costs due to the cancellation).
3.2. If we cannot supply the goods for any reason within a reasonable time frame, you will receive a full refund.
3.3. Please note that all soft furnishing items (Bed Sheets, Pillows, Blankets, Pillowcases, Mattresses, Door Mats, Bathmats and Runners) are under relevant health regulations and non-refundable under any circumstances. (We encourage you to choose wisely before purchasing).
3.4. Our goods come with a warranty that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure only. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
3.5. Please choose carefully as we do not refund for a change of mind (before or after Delivery/Pickup).
3.6. Our mode of refund is strictly limited to Bank transfers regardless of what payment method you have used to pay, and it could take between 7 to 15 business days.

4. Warranties

4.1. Quality Rugs and Furniture provide the following supplier warranties against defects:
4.2. Timber: 12 months structural; and
4.3. Lounge: 12 months structural on frames: 12 months on mechanisms (mechanisms covered to 110 kgs weight load only) and 12 months on stitching/Covering of (Leather, Fabric, Velvet …etc.).
4.4. Defects covered by Quality Rugs and Furniture’s supplier warranties will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Quality Rugs and Furniture (subject to your rights under the ACL with respect to major failures) without cost to you for parts or direct repair labour.
4.5. Quality Rugs and Furniture's supplier warranties do not cover and are not liable for any fading or change in coloration (Exposure). Any damage caused by general day-to-day  wear and tear (General usage) or if the goods are used outside of their prescribed or ordinary use and/or left near any Window under direct Sunshine. All other warranties and liability of Quality Rugs and Furniture for any loss or damage, direct or consequential, is expressly excluded.
4.6. The rights given by Quality Rugs and Furniture's supplier warranties are in addition to any rights and remedies you may have under the ACL and other laws. To claim under a Quality Rugs and Furniture supplier warranty, you should contact your store of purchase via email with your details given at the time of purchase and your Invoice (Please make sure to supply your invoice at the time of making a warranty claim, as we do not archive our Invoice records). Subject to your rights under the ACL, you are responsible for all costs associated with the claim, including all freightage and transport costs. You must provide sufficient proof of purchase to be entitled to a claim.
4.7. All Floor stock and Clearance items are not covered under any type of warranty 
5. Proof of Purchase
5.1. To apply for a refund exchange, repair or claim a warranty, you must have clear proof of purchase, i.e., your tax invoice or receipt. Quality Rugs and Furniture hold a limited order history and are not provisioned to search for archived transactions. Presenting Proof of Purchase is your responsibility, so please retain your invoices and/or receipts, as we cannot act without sufficient proof of purchase.
6. Product Safety and Care
6.1. Serious or fatal injuries can occur from furniture tip-over. To help prevent tip-over, it is essential you install any anchor device provided with your goods, carefully following assembly instructions. You MUST install the device provided immediately as you set the goods in your home. Quality Rugs and Furniture are committed to ensuring 100% safety in all goods supplied.
6.2. Some of our products, like timber, leather, fabric, or velvet, are produced using natural materials. The color, appearance, and distinctive marks of these materials can differ from batch to batch; please be aware of this at the time of purchase to match your existing pieces in your home.
6.3. When purchasing timber or leather products, note that these products are from natural living materials and will move, change shape, develop surface irregularities, and have color variation as the goods continue to behave as a natural living material. As each product's appearance is shaped by its past, differences in products, such as climate effects, wildlife activity, fire, wind, age, etc., will be evident in some timber and leather. Please be advised that no two pieces will ever be identical. Your piece will always be one of a kind.
6.4. High gloss and Glass products may show slight imperfections. If unsure, please visit a store to view the products. 6.5. All products care information supplied by Quality Rugs and Furniture is for advisory purposes only and should not be taken as direction.
6.6. To the fullest extent permitted by law, including ACL the following provisions apply:
6.7. Quality Rugs and Furniture do not warrant the accuracy of any product safety information (Including any Safety Guide) or product care information provided with your goods or which you may access through this website and the content is provided to you on condition that you undertake all responsibility for assessing the accuracy and suitability of the content and relay on it at your own risk.
6.8. Quality Rugs and Furniture will have no responsibility or liability in relation to any loss or damage that you incur (Including to property or person) arising from your use of your purchased products or your reliance on any product safety information (Including any Safety Guide) or product care information provided with your goods or which you may access through this website. You release Quality Rugs and Furniture from any such claim, damage, or loss except to the extent that any such claim, damage or loss is caused or contributed to by the negligence of Quality Rugs and Furniture. 6.9. Proceeding with your order confirms your agreement that your goods are purchased on this understanding.
7. Recommended Retail Price (RRP)
7.1. Quality Rugs and Furniture's RRP is the manufacturer/Supplier's RRP or, where RRP is unavailable, Quality Rugs and Furniture sets the price at a reasonable market price estimate.
8. Customized Orders/Laybys – Instore Only
8.1. Payment Terms:
8.1.1. A minimum Deposit of 40% is required at the time of placing a customized order.
8.1.2. A minimum Deposit of 25% is required at the time of placing a Layby order.
8.1.3. All Balances must be cleared three business days before organizing your delivery date.
8.2. Cancellation Terms:
8.2.1. If you cancel any customized order, you will not get any refund for the deposit you have paid.
8.2.2. If you cancel any layby order within a week of placing the order, you will get a full refund or store credit. Still, if the cancellation request was made more than a week after placing the order, you will be charged 10% of the total of the invoice as Cancellation fees.
8.3. Order Conditions:
8.3.1. Quality Rugs and Furniture offer a maximum of three months’ time frame for Layby orders.
8.3.2. Once we agree with the time frame for your customized order, you must understand that the time frame is only an ETA and is subject to change due to many reasons. (e.g., delays from manufacturers, Shipment delays, Delays with the customs office, etc.)
8.3.3. Quality Rugs and Furniture is not liable for unavailability of stock after the expiration (3 Months) of the Layby period.