How to select the perfect dining table for your dining room?

The heart of any home is the dining space where friends and family come together to catch up with each other. The table for the dining room is the centrepiece of the space. It needs to be outstanding, make the dining room look more attractive, warm and welcoming. Choosing the correct dining table is, hence, very important.

Homes today are a delightful blend of the latest design trends with a table for a dining room available in different shapes, colours and textures. But the task of selecting a suitable dining table can be very overwhelming. A huge number of options are available today at furniture stores. You can also buy a dining table online now.

If you know what you are looking for and the factors that must be considered while buying, you can a perfectly fitting piece of dining table that will be highly functional and suit the aesthetics of the dining space. Want to know what those factors are that will help you select the perfect table for the dining room? Keep reading!

Size of the dining space

The base of choosing the correct shape and size of the dining table starts with assessing the size of the dining space. Is it rectangular, narrow rectangular, or square? If there is furniture in the dining space, the size will be reduced as you need to keep a minimum distance for movement between the table and the furniture. You can consider moving any big furniture to other rooms if you want to make more space and have a bigger dining table.

Size of the dining table

The size of the table for a dining room depends on the number of family members you have. Accordingly, you can opt for 4,6 or 8 seaters. Keep in mind that you need to leave a gap of 42 to 48 inches between the wall or any furniture and the table. If this leaves space constraints, choose a smaller dining table. Consider benches instead of chairs for a space-saving look. The basic idea is that the size of the dining space and the table must be balanced.

Shape of the dining table

Dining tables come in various shapes with their particularities. They are available in small and big sizes. Choose the best suiting size considering the factors mentioned above.

Rectangular: The classic ones

· Perfect for long and narrow dining spaces

· Can be used as a divider to define areas for open concepts

· Good for large families having more than four people

Round: Delightfully space-saving

· Diners can communicate easily between them

· Platters are easily reachable

· Can accommodate more people with pedestal seats

Square: Perfectly beautiful

· Best for small dining rooms or spaces in square shape

· Creates an intimate atmosphere due to less distance between diners

· Good for four people to dine and carry conversation comfortably.

Oval: Traditionally unique

· Good for rectangular dining spaces to get a traditional look

· Space-efficient option instead of a rectangular table

· Can easily add any last-minute guests

Match materials with the concept

A table for the dining room can be made of various materials. Each of them has pros and cons that you need to consider. However, make sure that the material matches the concept of the dining space. So, consider the material, colour and finish too.

Some materials are:

· Solid wood: timeless popular choice, has unique grain patterns, colours and finishes

· Reclaimed wood: eco-friendly, fits well with a lot of styles, has a unique worn appearance

· Glass: gives open-space feeling, unobtrusive style, elegant and modern

· Laminate: cost-effective option, many styles, lightweight, mimic solid wood colours

· Stone: marble and granite are used, best for small tables, withstands heat

· Metal: durable, easy to clean, suits contemporary and industrial styles

Important points to remember

· There should be a 12” gap between the chair seat and the rim below the table for comfortable seating.

· The maximum width of the table should be 48” and the minimum should be 36”. Any less or more will cause inconvenience.

· Leave a 24” gap between two seating for people to sit and eat comfortably without the elbows hitting one another.


If you are buying a dining table online or going for a mix and match style for the table and the chairs, make sure that you check the measurements properly before making the purchase. Call the furniture shop and clear your queries. You can also make an appointment and visit the store physically to have a look.

These are the prime factors that you should keep in mind while buying a table for the dining room. Follow them to buy smartly!

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