7 Simple steps to pick your Ideal Coffee Table

A coffee table is the heart of any living space. It is a workhorse and plays an important role. A coffee table will help you achieve ideal home harmony by storing all of the items you need to feel at ease and complete. But buying one may be a tedious task, so, let us guide you with the steps that will help you select an ideal coffee table.

Consider your budget

First things first. What is your budget? A coffee table's price can range from highly expensive to extremely affordable, so figure out how much you want to spend before you go shopping. You can always buy an expensive coffee table but that can make you spend more than what is needed. So, it is critical to spend wisely while still ensuring that the quality is maintained. What can you do? Set aside an allowance for the table. It will help you to make the correct decision. You may stretch your budget a bit if you see something you like, as long as the quality of the sofa, chairs and side is not compromised.

Think about functionality

A coffee table can be multifunctional. You can have a table with drawers to hold periodicals, remote controls, board games, stationery, kid’s toys or whatever you need. Or you can simply go with the non-shelved ones. So, ask yourself: What is the basic use of the table? Knowing what the major usage will be is another significant consideration. Is the table going to be just a décor piece or functional? Choose something that can easily handle beverages and snack platters. If you're looking for something with more lines and texture in a material you like, you may focus on that.

Keep the rules in mind

Once you have considered the above-mentioned points, it is highly important that you keep certain rules in mind next. The golden rule to picking a coffee table is that it should not be more than half to two-thirds or a maximum of three-fourths of the length of the sofa that you have. If you have an accent chair or an ottoman, you should also consider that. It is best that you select the seating items first and then the coffee table. The height of the table should not be more than 2 to 3 inches below or above the seat height. If the heights are the same, it is better.

Available space

According to interior designers, space is very important when the question is about decorating your home. You will never want to have a piece of furniture that will unbalance the aesthetics of the space or the functionality of other furniture. So, consider how much space you have. Guests and family members will need to walk around. It should be easy to pick up anything from the table and also have enough legroom while sitting. As per the rules, a coffee table must be placed about 14 to 18 inches away from the sofa. This will meet all the above-mentioned requirements.

Picking the ideal shape

The main star in any living space is the sofa. Always have a coffee table that will fit and match with the seating furniture especially the sofa. Coffee tables are available in a variety of shapes, the primary ones being rectangle, square, round and oval. A rectangle coffee table, which is the most popular shape, is typically the greatest match for traditional sofas. It mimics the sofa's contour, resulting in a well-balanced and harmonious area. You can also match an oval table if you wish. Sectionals work best with circular tables because they let you to experiment with all of the elements of your space, and let's be honest, they look great together. If you have a loveseat or couch, you may make a statement by picking a square table that will be the focal point of the space as you walk in. You can also put two rectangular tables together. Asymmetrical shapes are also available to give a more dynamic look but they should match the aesthetics.

Style, material and colours

Formal, informal, modern, and antique are all styles to think about when buying a coffee table. Choose a sleek metal table with a glass top for a contemporary design. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, a rustic table would be ideal. At the moment, marble, glass, brass, painted metal, and wood is popular as coffee table materials. Select a material that best meets your requirements. When it comes to selecting a material, the bottom line is that it should be simple to maintain and sturdy. Also, choose the correct colour that will match the colour theme of the walls, furniture and the overall colour scheme of the living space.

Consider needs of the family

A family with children and pets play around anywhere they want. So, while selecting a coffee table, ensure that it should not be the cause of an accident. Tables having sharp corners bears high chances of causing injury. Round corners are safer.

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