How To Choose The Perfect Rug For Your Home

Being able to find the best modern rugs online has been a boon for many people who want to lavishly spruce up the interiors of their homes. This is hardly surprising considering that rugs play a huge part in influencing the overall décor of any room. They are a fantastic way to add vibrant colours and textures to any space and can go a long way when it comes to bringing all the elements in the space together while also helping with your furniture placement. Furthermore, if you can get good quality floor rugs online then you can also reap the benefits of having a warmer home during winters with spectacularly clean floors.

While it may seem that purchasing rugs online is one of the simplest tasks ever, the reality is that getting the right type of rug that achieves all of the above characteristics can become a little overwhelming with the extensive variety of choices that are available in the market. As such it is extremely important to keep certain characteristics in mind before you go ahead and make a purchase for modern rugs online.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect rug for your home.


When searching through the wide number of options for floor rugs online, size is the primary consideration that needs to be taken into account apart from colour. It is crucial to choose an area rug that is proportionate to its surroundings. The reason behind this is simple. A rug that is too small will end up looking disconnected from the furniture around it and could end up providing a fragmented look while also looking like an unnecessary accessory. On the other side, a larger rug could end up overwhelming the entire space and drawing attention from the other parts of your décor. In these situations, it is important to understand the dimensions of the area in which the rug will be placed subsequently. Choose a rug that will be an ideal fit for the area. If the room is particularly large, then there is nothing wrong with choosing two or more rugs to help outline and differentiate between certain areas. Another simple tactic is to use a large rug on the main part of the floor with a smaller rug over it to create a dual colour effect.


Any room will have a certain colour theme or a blend of colours that helps bind every decor item in a cohesive manner. Even single piece of furniture that does not match the overall colour scheme of the room could end up destroying the entire visual aesthetic single-handedly. There are multiple factors that come into play when trying to identify the colour scheme of your room. The first consideration, of course, is whether the furniture is made out of wooden materials or metal. The second consideration is the colour of the walls. This is primarily the strongest aspect that will help define a colour accent in a room. So, if you are looking for floor rugs online, then you need to differentiate between rugs that are of a darker hue versus rugs that are of a light colour pattern. It should be noted that rugs that are dark coloured help create a cozy and warm feeling to any surrounding and are best used with darker shades of wood or subtle shades of the wall colour. Lighter rugs, on the other hand, are highly favoured for their ability to create an open and free look to any space. As such, using lighter rugs in rooms that are filled with natural light would be the most ideal way to go. In any situation, when buying rugs online, make sure that you restrict yourself to colours that match another dominating colour accent in the room where you are planning to place the rug.


When purchasing modern rugs online, you will not only have a wide variety of colours and materials, but you will also have rugs that come in different shapes. The most ideal rug shapes are square, rectangle and round. Each of these rugs has different applicability when it comes to the rooms, they are placed in. Round rugs are ideal in small pieces and can help bring a sense of levity to the overall décor. They are perfectly suited for furniture pieces that are similarly shaped. Rectangular rugs which are the most common types of rugs might create a highly formal feel but are often the best choice when it comes to creating a sense of uniformity and cohesion in a given space. Square rugs are different from rectangular rugs as they are capable of directing a significant amount of attention to themselves. This is because square rugs are rug pieces that are placed under different types of furniture. In these situations, whatever piece of furniture is placed in the middle of the square rug will command the most amount of attention in a given room. Based on the type of furniture you have, and the shape of your room size, you need to determine which would be the best-shaped rug for your requirements.

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