An Ultimate Guide to Buying Turkish Rugs

Turkey is recognized all over the world for their magnificent rugs that are highly desired for their unique look and superior quality. From Kilim to hand-knotted, Turkish rugs are remarkably well made and are generally favored for being handwoven with intricate patterns and stable weaves. This is why they have been able to transition from a homemade comfort piece to a robust industry of artistic expression. However, choosing Turkish rugs online is a different matter entirely.

When searching for traditional rugs online, you will be bombarded with an overwhelmingly large number of options for you to choose from. It can get staggering to deal with such an extensive list of different options but if you keep the following steps in mind, then you can significantly narrow down your search for Turkish rugs online.

Here are a few steps to help you consider the kind of rug you will be purchasing.


Turkish rugs come in differing prices, which are commonly denoted by the seller. A standard tip when shopping for Turkish rugs from a physical seller is to negotiate and bargain to a great extent and not give the seller an idea of how much you are willing to spend. When shopping for traditional rugs online, however, this consideration changes as you need to find a reliable and reputable wholesaler who will be able to provide you with the right rugs at the right price.


The size will significantly influence the price of the Turkish rug you are considering purchasing. You need to carefully understand the size of the rug you want to buy by comparing it to the living area in which it will be placed. Define the proper regions where you would like the rug to begin and end. This will help you round up the size of Turkish rugs online that you are searching for.


Many people want to buy traditional rugs online as these rugs are made from the highest quality materials when sold by a reliable seller. The most common type of Turkish rugs online is cotton or combinations of wool and cotton. However, the more valued kind are the ones that are made from hand-spun silk. The difference between a cotton Turkish rug and a silk one is immediately noticeable so make sure that you are positive about the kind of material you want your rug to be made of.


Turkish rugs come in a wide variety of different colors. Eventually, the choice of color falls solely on the buyer. You need to find a rug that will best suit your tastes as well as the décor of where the rug will be placed. You need to find a rug that does not use chemical dyes as they have a washed-out look. However, natural dyes hold their colour for an extended period of time and are less susceptible to fading.


When it comes to Turkish rugs online, there are four common types which are Hali, Kilim, Cicim and Sumak. The Hali is a thicker rug than the other variants but the other three are types of flatweaves. These three are made without any knots, which is why they are commonly used in wall hangings and are best sold as smaller pieces.


Unlike most rugs in the market, traditional rugs online have a significant increase in value if they are of a certain age. This is because older Turkish rugs are considered antique pieces and thus have a higher level of desirability as compared to newer ones. This does not take away from the fact that newer rugs are of extremely high quality. It's just that they don't have the same level of inherent value as older carpets.


It is interesting to note that all the options for Turkish rugs online may not come from Turkey. This is because Turkish rugs can originate from multiple neighboring countries and still be legitimately called Turkish rugs. Certain rugs could come from Persia, Afghanistan, and Anatolia. You must only purchase rugs from reputable sellers who can provide you with the origin point of the rug to help you make a more informed purchase.


Handmade Turkish rugs will have a higher price point than their machine-made counterparts. Most traditional rugs online are machine made so a handmade Turkish rug is an extremely rare find. Furthermore, the difference in quality between handmade and machine-made rugs cannot be contested, as handmade rugs are the clear winner. Certain handmade rugs will come with imperfections but in this case, these imperfections are highly desired as they help heighten the overall visual aesthetic of the rug.

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